Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Mackenzie fights to forget the life she left behind, but she can’t hide from the memory of the one man who forced her to run.

Scarred: (BBW Western Romance)

This is the full length novel, but don't forget to pick up the prequel about how Thane became scarred for 0.99 cents, Thane's Story (Scarred). 

When Mackenzie leaves New York City and returns home, she expects the small-town life will offer her a fresh start and a new career as a local reporter and financial adviser for the tiny area newspaper. But Mayville is nothing like the big apple, where she can hide from her past within a city of millions. 

Going home means facing the man who crushed her dreams and broke her heart all those years ago. 

Thane left home in a whirlwind to heal from Mackenzie's betrayal, but a tragic accident has him right back in Mayville. Mackenzie stumbles back into his life, and Thane is determined to make her his once and for all. 

But to convince Mackenzie to stay, Thane must confront the scars of his past. 

Kaylee Song lives in Charm City, researching and reading about the supernatural. She loves a steamy story, and cannot devour lore quickly enough.
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