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Fixing Justice

Sometimes the last thing you need is exactly what you get… 
He’s the sexy 007 type complete with tuxedo and an icy blue stare. 
She’s a tom-boy waif who’s more nerd than goddess. 

When Tori Bennett ends up at the Justice Brothers compound in the Arizona desert, 
Displaying FixingJustice 72dpi_eBook.jpgshe’s running away from an epic scandal with her in the starring role as whistleblower. 
She’d had enough of powerful, arrogant men, and just wanted to 
fly off the radar for a while and get her confidence back. 

Draegyn St. John was all that and then some…and he knew it. 
As if being a trust-fund kid with the blonde good looks of a Nordic god wasn’t enough, 
he was also a Special Forces Vet with a serious attitude. Women fell at his feet. 
It wasn’t even a challenge. Until Victoria Bennett comes along and rocks 
his high and mighty world in a very big way. 

Sparks fly each time they meet. When an agency crisis throws them together on an out-of-town trip, their business relationship becomes personal in a hurry. For Drae, it’s an itch he needs to scratch and for Tori, it’s a flat out case of lust. No harm, no foul, right? 

Find out what happens when her smart mouth and refusal to take anybody’s crap meets his powerful arrogance. When what happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas,everyone is in for one shock after another!

OH WOW!!! This book was Hot!!!
I Love how this book wasn't just focused on the military aspect...
Drae served in special forces and has now retired to a help his
 "brothers" start a privet security company..
Where Drae meets his match!
Tori is hiding under ugly big cloths and glasses to keep men at bay
Well Drae won't be swayed he is attracted to her and she to him but neither like the idea of it....
When out side circumstances force them to be together...
Can they stay away and keep each other at arms length with their wit..!

This book was hot, funny and I couldn't put it down....

I cant wait for more to come!!!!

I give this book 5 out of 5!!!!!

Fixing Justice is the 2nd book in the Justice Brothers series.

Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves – sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women. Her love for creating short stories for friends and family has developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge. She finds the world of digital, self-publishing to be the perfect platform for sharing her stories and also for what she enjoys most of all – reading. When she’s not on a deadline you’ll find her loading up on books to devour.

Currently a wanderer, she and her family divide their time between the east and west coast, somehow always managing to get the seasons mixed up. When not digging out from snow or trying to stay cool in the desert, you can find her in the kitchen, 80’s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand. 

LUSH 2 may 31!

Six months ago, Walsh Clark was the drummer of America’s hottest rock sensation, Lush. 
Now he’s living at the Double A Ranch in north Texas,
 home to cows, cowboys, and lushes—like him. 

He’s survived alcoholism, rehab, and the breakup of his band. 
But the one thing Walsh might not survive
 is the return of his ex fiancée Tammy DiLorenzo. 

For the Love of a Lush (Lush, #2)

Tammy and Walsh met at fourteen, and she was with him on every step to fame and fortune—until one fateful night when she betrayed him. Now she’s back, begging for forgiveness and ready to fight for her man. But some betrayals are too painful to forget, some mistakes can’t be repaired, and Walsh is certain that he and Tammy can’t ever be together again. 

But DiLorenzo women don’t back down, and Tammy always gets what she wants. In the wake of the lies and losses, she’s prepared to do whatever it takes for a second chance. She’ll give it all—for the love of a lush.

 I have read book one and LOVED it!
 So when I picked up book two, I knew I was going to love it also...
This book hit home for me.. I have dealt with alcoholism in my life. 
Reading this for me was hard in away but it also made it easier for me to understand what an alcoholic goes through with their battle against drinking........ 
The way that she explains the alcoholism and the thought process of it all was wonderful....
She also gets into the codependency that I don't see a lot....

I have read a lot of Rock star romance's but this one wasn't just the romance
She really got into the needing to be clean and staying clean.. the battle that Walsh went through
with Tammy storming back into his life and him thinking that because he has an addiction he isn't good enough for her,..... I have never had such an understanding to the other side of this addiction...

I Loved book 1 & 2 and I cannot wait to see what she does for book 3!!!!

Please go and pick these books up they are wonderful!!! 

I give this book 5 out of 5!!!!!
Displaying Lush2 tease.jpg

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Midnight Rider (Walsh at the Double A) by the Allman Bros.
The Riff (Tammy at the Double A) by Dave Matthews Band
Bittersweet (Tammy and Walsh) by Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Pali Gap/Hey Baby (Mike, Jenny, and Walsh perform) by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real
It's Alright (Walsh and Tammy) by Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Don't Lose Your Mind (Walsh) Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real
Hell in a Bucket (Walsh on a park bench) by The Grateful Dead
Lead Me Home (Walsh) by Jamie N Commons (Walking Dead soundtrack)
Fortunate Son (Joss at the Double A) by Creedence Clearwater Revival
Peaceful Solution (a Lush barbecue) by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real
Start to Go (Tammy) by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real
Big Yellow Taxi (Walsh) by Counting Crows
The Truth (Tammy) by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real
Blue Sky (Walsh and Tammy) by The Allman Bros.

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To Dream Of A Highlander

Title – To Dream of a Highlander
Series – Highland Fae Chornicles #2
Author – Samantha Holt
Genre – Historical Romance
Publication Date – 11th
Length (Pages/# Words) – 65000
Cover Artist – Kim Killion
 April 2014

Sent on a rescue mission, Finn Mac Chaluim is prepared to do his duty, hand over the lass and return home. 
But fate has other ideas. 
Displaying Dream Highlander - Cover.jpgIn the midst of a Norse invasion, Catriona barely escapes with her life. Masquerading as her sister, she 
finds herself in the hands of Finn who intends to hand her over to her sister’s betrothed, Laird Gillean. In the 
interests of bringing peace to her home, Catriona is determined to continue the ruse—even if it means going 
along with the marriage and denying her growing attraction to a man who keeps his hurts hidden behind a 
quick grin. 
If the green faery, Tèile, has anything to do with it, Catriona and Finn will come together—but only at the 
right time. Thanks to her last attempt at matchmaking, many paths were changed and now it’s up to her to 
put it right. Can she help Finn— who learned the hard way that sharing your life with someone only leads to 
heartache—get past his doubts? And will the battle-scarred Catriona even accept him into her heart? When 
Laird Gillean’s attentions toward Catriona become dangerous, both Finn and Tèile will find they have an uphill 
battle on their hands.

Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-
soldier. She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally 

dabbles in contemporary romance.


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Like many a night, he found himself gazing up at her window. Warmth radiated 

from it. She would be in a chemise, the thin material moulding to her breasts. 

Unbound hair likely spiralled over her shoulders. Mayhap she had washed and her 

skin remained dewy and ebony curls clung to her face. A shudder swept through 

him and his blood boiled. He gripped the pommel of his sword. Lord, give me 


A movement sent his heart into his throat. His jaw dropped as Katelyn leaned out 

of the window. Sure enough, white cotton hugged her arms and her hair hung 

loose. Candlelight surrounded her in a fuzzy halo like an angel. She gazed out into 

the night, entrancing him. How he longed to know what she was thinking. 

Did she think of him?

Her gaze snapped down, locking onto him. He peered around, realising the 

torchlight on the walls revealed him. Breath imprisoned in his throat, he met her 

challenge. Stance strong, chin lifted, he stared her out, waiting for her to crumble 

and retreat. The air around him became cloying and thick while his pulse pounded 

sickeningly. His arousal grew painful.

Abruptly, she turned away, broke the connection and left him panting and weak. 

He dropped his shoulders. Damnation. A moment to relieve himself was called 

for. Should he return to his chambers or just suffer it, like some kind of penance 

for a desire he should not have?

Swivelling, he stomped down the steps into the courtyard. He paused and gritted 

his teeth. Time alone would not cure him of her. And wine held no appeal any

longer. He was lost.

The hall doors opened and a figure came barrelling out. He nearly cursed aloud 

when he realised it was Katelyn. Her chemise flowed around her legs, barely 

covered by a thin robe. He noted her bare feet and cursed properly this time. 

What was the lass doing outside in such a state?

Before he managed to ask her as much, she flung her arms around him and 

flattened a desperate kiss to his lips. He caught on quickly. With a growl, he 

bundled her to him, shaking hands splayed over her back and in her hair. 

“Hell fire, Katie,” he murmured as he took another kiss from her. Breaking away, 

he glanced around and shook his head. “What are ye doing? Anyone could see. 

Gillean could see.”

“I care not,” she whispered.

When she leaned up for a kiss, he released her, snatched an arm and dragged 

her over to the stables. One more frantic glance around and he shoved her into 

the doorway and pressed her against the wall. No candlelight greeted them here, 

only the glow from the torches outside permeated the building, slipping through 

the gaps between the wood. It was enough. He saw all he needed. Once more 

he speared his fingers under her hair, unable to resist those glossy lips, slick 

from his kisses. Katelyn whimpered when he captured her mouth and curled her 

fingernails into his back. 

“Ye play a dangerous game, lass,” he muttered against her mouth.

She tugged against the hold he had on her hair and eyed him. “I am no’ afeared of


“Ye are, ye cannae lie to me. But I mean with me. Ye play with fire here.”

“I need ye, Finn. I am no’ afeared of ye either. I’m willing to risk getting burned.”

“Ach, we shall both be burned. No good shall come of this.” His chest heaved at 

the enormity of it all, at what she said. He’d always known he was secretly weak. 

His bold endeavours and brash behaviour covered his fears. When others saw a 

warrior, Katelyn saw him for who he was. Weak for her.

Edinburgh lambswool tartan scarf

1 x Paperback of To Steal a Highlander’s Heart


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"How do you make the characters come to life" 

I really wish I knew where my characters came from. 

Generally, when I’m in pantser mode, they spring to life 

on their own. That said, I do make sure they have three 
things—GMC. Goal, motivation and conflict. These three 

words drive and shape them. Their goals and motivation 
get them through the story while the conflict provides 
some nice bumps along the way. For example, in To 
Dream of a Highlander, Catriona is in disguise. This 

provides her conflict. Her goal is to ensure the safety of 

her home and her motivation is her love for her people. 
We now know she’s a dutiful and courageous character.

I also love to give them little flaws. A scar here, a freckle 
there, a few laughter lines perhaps. If my character is 

a happy one, he should have some creases around his 
mouth. Often it gives the hero or heroine something to 

obsess about. They’ll itch to run their finger over that scar 
or trace those lines.
It doesn’t always run smoothly. My characters often come 
up with their own traits. I don’t always write in order which 
helps me shape them. If a scene brings about a new 

character trait (which the steamy scenes have a habit 
of doing!), I can work it into the story. Mostly I enjoy that 

these characters can surprise me. It makes the whole 

experience really fun and rewarding, and better yet, 
creates individual and compelling characters who grow 
with time.

Finn mac Chalium
Following the death of his young wife and child, Finn has steered clear of women 
and his responsibility to them. He lost his mother to illness to while his father died 
a warrior’s death. Finn knows how easily attachments can be broken. Now the 
only things he takes pleasure in are drinking, fighting and bedding the occasional 
woman. And he does so with a ready smile and a quick wit—the easiest way of 
hiding the hurts he has suffered. But all that may change soon enough…
Lady Katelyn of Bute
Born on the beautiful Isle of Bute, Katelyn takes her duties to protect it seriously. 
So seriously that she intends to do all she can to defend it—even lie about her 
identity. Neglected by her father and hated by her sister, she’s used to looking 
after herself, even if she longs for someone to care for her. Her sheltered life is 
soon turned upside down when the Vikings invade their peaceful island.

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SEAL My Destiny Cover Reveal

SERIES – SEAL Brotherhood #6 
AUTHOR – Sharon Hamilton 
GENRE – Romantic Suspense 
PUBLICATION DATE – June, 1, 2014 

Navy SEAL Luke Paulsen, on the verge of PTSD stemming from the death of his fiancée and a brutal tour overseas, 

knows he is damaged goods and unsuitable for relationships. While paying respects to a fallen comrade, he is 

unprepared for the chemical attraction he feels for the carefree dark-haired beauty playing in the surf one evening. 

Julie Christensen befriends the troubled SEAL, motivated by her yearning to soothe the young man’s troubled soul. 

Fueled by intense mutual desire, they succumb to one night of mind-numbing passion. Afterwards, he is unable to 

shed the memory of his lost love and disappears. 

When they meet again at a wedding that will forever bring their two families together, their passion and longing 

for one another forces them to confront their pasts in order to find a future together. 

But soon the trauma of his service separates them. Julie goes back to teaching and Luke deploys for North Africa 

with SEAL Team 3. Upon his return, he receives a frantic call that Julie's life is in danger. Will he make it in time to 

save the woman he now knows he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with?

Pre-orders available now






He wanted to say something but suddenly became hesitant. Everything had gone so fast, he didn't want to spook 

her. He was unafraid to show her how much he loved being with her, especially since she’d promised to visit him 

in Coronado and they’d see where things went from there. It would have been like the cart before the horse, but he 

wanted to ask her to marry him at that impulsive moment, but he held himself back. Being the wife of a SEAL was a 

special assignment and there was no training for that, except the school of hard knocks. There was a community of 

wives that looked out for each other. And not all the stories from overseas made it home to them. The smart wives 

knew this. He knew it was a lot to ask of someone. He didn’t want to fall for a lady who didn’t really understand 

what she’d be getting herself into. But that was a completely crazy thought, because he’d already fallen for her. He 

decided he’d just put it out of his mind, and not discuss anything future-related, to keep the pressure off them both. 

Nothing wrong with having a little bit of—well, a lot of—fun in the next few days before his deployment. He held 

her under the starlight. Feeling eyes on him, he saw Julie’s parents eyeing him from their kitchen window, smiling. 

He couldn’t keep up the eye contact because odds weren’t in his favor. He wasn’t prince charming, or Sir Galahad 

riding in on his white horse. He was just a guy other guys sent in to blow stuff up, grab people and hopefully get out 

before getting shot or caught. And his intentions, although he liked to think of them as honorable, were merely to 

do everything in his power to be as irresistible as possible to her so that when he left, he’d be the one hard to miss. 

And then maybe she’d wait for him. Maybe she’d wait until he got fully well. It was a lot of ifs. The music stopped 

while he was kissing her ear through her hair, while he was holding her tighter as she melted into him. He liked 

that they were dancing because their thighs made soft caresses and the dress, that yummy dress, made all that 

noise. He just knew every time he heard the sound of layers of chiffon, he’d get hard. It was going to be something

he’d have for the rest of his life.

Sharon’s award-winning almost-erotic Navy SEAL stories of the SEAL Brotherhood, have consistently made best sellers lists and 

review sites. Her characters follow a spicy road to redemption through passion and true love. She has been an Amazon top 100 author 

in Romantic Suspense since last fall. 

Her Golden Vampires of Tuscany are not like any vamps you’ve read before, since they don’t have to go to ground and can walk

around in the full light of the sun. Honeymoon Bite, Book 1 of the Golden Vampires of Tuscany Series was recently named the #1 

Gothic Romance by Amazon. It is now available on Audible. 

Her Guardian Angels struggle with the human charges they are sent to save, often escaping their vanilla world of Heaven for the brief 

human one. You won’t find any of these beings in any Sunday school class.

Sharon lives in Sonoma County, California with her husband, and two Dobermans. A lifelong organic gardener, when she’s not 

writing, she’s getting vera vera dirty in the mud, or wandering Farmer’s Markets looking for new Heirloom varieties of vegetables and 



1 signed poster of book cover, signed by Jimmy Thomas (cover model)

4 audio books of winner’s choice from SEAL Brotherhood Books 1-5

One free download of SEAL Brotherhood Books 1-6 on Kindle.

Tote bag with 1-5 print SEAL Brotherhood books, 2 notebooks with cover and 5 pens (Grand Prize)

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Book: Iron Sinners
Author: HJ Bellus
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing


Griff, aka Grizz, the ideal Iron Sinner, rides hard and dedicates his all to the club. 

A job needs done…he does it. 
Men idolize him. 
Women love him. 

Never shy and always up for a good time, Grizz finds himself jumping from mattress to mattress and digging grave after grave. You want to take a bullet? Cross the club. 

One night, rival MC, Devil’s Idol, do just that. Grizz and Animal are sent to straighten shit out while leaving no witnesses. What Grizz faces that night changes his life forever… 

Piper Jones is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The ruthless business woman, finds herself captive by the MC club. But she’s not one to go down without a fight. 

She slowly destroys Grizz, from his bad boy persona, to his ride or die motto. He should want nothing more than to do away with her with a single bullet. Instead, he finds himself giving his all just to be with her. 

Will Grizz be able to walk away from the one thing he swore he never wanted?



“What the fuck,” I growl. “Is this a prank?”

She just fucking ruined a whole stack of pancakes.

“It is one of my dirty, dark secrets, biker boy.”

“Call me boy one more time and I’ll beat your ass, Piper.”

“Just eat it. Please, just try it for me. Eat it.”

“You do realize that you are begging me to ‘eat it’ while you sit in my 

boxers on my counter covered in batter. I’ve never wanted to taste anything so fucking badly.”

“Then taste it. Go ahead.”

Piper grabs a fork and cuts off a huge chunk of pancakes covered in batter 

and syrup and raises it to my lips.

Closing my eyes, I can feel the pancakes push on my lips. “Baby, I wasn't talking about the pancakes.”

“Grizz,” she warns.

“Piper, just give me a taste and then I’ll eat any concoctions of yours.”

“Taste of this?” she asks, as she slides her hand down the front of my boxers into her.

Piper moves her hand up and down, throwing her head back and fucking 

herself with her hand.

“Taste it,” she growls.

Opening my mouth, Piper places the warm gooey pancakes in my mouth. 

My cock threatens to spring from my jeans as she continues to fuck herself 

right in front of me. Piper stretches out a foot, brushes it against my cock, and lets out an evil giggle.

“Take another bite, Grizzy.”

I scoop up another chunk of pancake and shovel it in my mouth, ignoring the fact she just called me Grizzy. If my cock wasn't so fucking hard, I would slap her across the fucking face. I despise that fucking name.

“I’m hungry,” Piper whimpers as she continues banging her sweet pussy.

I lean forward, grab the back of her ass, and scoot her closer. I’m very 

careful not to disturb the motion of her arm because Piper fucking herself is the hottest thing I have ever seen. 

And trust me, I have seen and done it all. 

I take another chunk of pancake with my fingers and feed her while she gets closer to orgasm. She grabs the back of my head and slams it into her mouth. 

Fuck! We haven’t kissed like this since our one and only fuck over a week ago. 

I taste every inch of her delicate mouth. My tongue memorizes the feel of each and every one of her teeth, the top of her mouth, and the insides of her lips. 

This time I cherish every fucking second, knowing any day Mayor could call and give us the orders to cut her loose.


~*~ Other Books By HJ BELLUS ~*~


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I am just a simple country girl getting one story 

out of my head at a time. I was raised in small town, 

USA and still reside there with my husband and 

children. I am a huge country music fan and am 

inspired by it everyday. I live and love country life, 

and you will find those elements in my books. I also

adore strong and brave lead female characters, and

strive to be a courageous and independent woman in

everyday life. In my opinion, life is no fun without a

good sense of humor, sprinkles, cheese whiz, and

candy. It is the simple things that warm my heart.

Live life your way, HJ Bellus