Monday, May 19, 2014

Celtic Knot (Book #1)

Ashley's Bend

Ashley's Bend (Celtic Knot, #1)Ashley’s Bend-a knot used to securely join the ends of two ropes together.

Ashley Carter thought she had the perfect life as the loving and supportive wife to her upcoming attorney husband. Marrying her high school sweetheart and moving to Chicago to start a life with him seemed perfect, until she ends up walking in on him with another woman.

Determined to start her life over after always sacrificing herself, she attends the grand opening of a new club in town with her best friend. She went expecting to have a good time, what she didn’t expect was to meet Dominic Michaels.

Dominic Michaels is the owner operator of a string of BDSM clubs, The Celtic Knot. He displays control and power over everything in his life, especially his women. Having suffered through a tragic event at a young age, he never allows a woman to remain a part of his life beyond the bedroom, that is until he meets Ashley Carter.

Can the love of a woman loosen the knots of control that Dominic securely holds on to?

Sometimes it is hard to make the shift from control to surrender.

Cassy has been a lover of all things romance from a young age.
Cassy Roop
 Her taste ranges from Sandra Brown to E.L. James and Sylvia Day.
 Writing has always been a passion, and thanks to a few great author friends, 
she has penned her first novel The Price of Love.

To keep up to date with Cassy and for more information about 
The Price of Love and other future projects visit her Facebook page at:

A friend of mine told me about this book, looked it up on Amazon and HAD to have it!

This book is awesome!

I have read Fifty Shades Of Gray  and the only thing these two books have in common is that they are both BDSM and Very well written books!

Here you have Ashley who went to surprise her husband of 7 years with dinner, 
OH boy does she get a Surprise!

She finds her husband bangin his secretary!!!!!!

She turns to her friend for support and they wind up at the 
grand opening of The Celtic Knot..

Where she meets Dominic or his friends call him Nic.......

He is ah... we he is HOT and Dominant and well HOT!!!!

There is so much I could say but am afraid to give any more then that way.....

So PLEASE go get this book! It was a Fantastic book and I couldn't put it down!!!!

I give this book 5 out of 5!!!!!

How many more book will there be in the series? 

There will be 3 books total. Figure Eight is book 2. Book 3 will be called Triquetra. How did you come into writing?

I came into writing because I was a reader first. I read anywhere from 6 to 10 books a week. I decided that I would pen my own stories Who is your favorite author and Why?
Kahlen Aymes. 
After reading her Rememberance Trilogy last summer, 
I knew then i wanted to write. I fell in love with Ryan and Julia. Where do you get the inspiration for your books you write? 

My inspiration comes from many different things. I people watch a lot. I also draw inspiration from real life events, and some I just have epiphanies on lol. And do you have any surprise writings in the works? 

As of right now, no. I am currently writing Figure Eight and Triquetra to follow. I also have begun a companion novel to The Price of Love to be called The Cost of Love. It will be Jackson and Cassie's story. I have even played with the idea of giving Knox and Kelly their own spin off.