Monday, May 12, 2014


Ex Convict
Hope Manson ruled her school senior year. When a girl in her class, Jenny, spreads a rumor about Hope, an attempt of getting even ends with Jenny dead and Hope in prison for man-slaughter. Six years later, she is let out with one goal in mind- to make a difference.
A difference for Jenny.
Hope will be anything but selfish.

Wes Styles is an asshole.
He is controlling, self obsessed, and just plain mean.
And Hope likes it. She wants someone to treat her like dirt, as a reminder of what she did.
Plus, if someone treats her like shit, she can't fall in love- right? Because falling in love is the most selfish thing you can do.

Wes Styles loves women. He loves when they're calling his name, making him come, or digging nails into his back. But he does not fall in love with women.
When Wes meets Hope, he is immediately intrigued by the fact she likes being treated like nothing more than a piece of ass.
And he knows she is holding a dark secret.
But he doesn't want to know what this secret is, because when he finds out the truth, he may leave. And for the first time in his life, he doesn't want to.

Warning: This story deals with topics not suitable for everyone. Recommended for mature adults, 18+ in age, due to intense sexual situations, violence, and strong language.

Wow is all that I can say... 
This was not what I was expecting when I started this... 
But I loved it! It was a very fast read and cannot wait for more of her work.

This book was really great and I enjoyed the characters....
I love how they are portrayed. 
I was very glad to know that I never saw that coming 
when I started this book.... I was at first worried that it would be predictable....
OH boy was I wrong! 
This was a great book and like I said I cannot wait for more of her work!!!!!
This is a must read!

I give this book 5 out of 5!

Ashley Beale, 25, is an indie author and self-publisher from the beautiful state of Maine. She comes from a large, loving family, which she adores completely, is a mother of two, has the best of friends, and really enjoys connecting with her fans!

Ashley has a love for reading and writing, traveling, watching great movies and addictive TV series, doing crafts, exploring, or just laying back with a glass of wine.

How many more book will there be in the series? This is actually a standalone novel :) So just the one! I have too many other voices in my head that need their story told, so unfortunately Hope & Wes only get the one.

How did you come into writing? It's just something I've always done. It was always just for me though. Its how I survived middle school & high school-- writing in my journals. As I got older, the time for writing got less but the need to write got worse. One day I was reading a book and thought "I've always wanted to do this... I can do this! Whats it going to hurt?" I wrote three different books within two months. I stayed up all night many, many nights because I just fell in love with writing again, this time not about myself but about different stories that were stuck inside my head. When I finished the third story, I re-read it, thought it was something worth sharing, and the rest is history! :) 

Who is your favorite author and Why? I can't say I have A favorite, I have many favorites. I went to a book signing last year that was just Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire. The three of them talked about who they were before writing and how their life has changed since. How they got discovered. It was amazing. I cried when Jamie McGuire told her story. Because of that- and their obvious talent of writing books- they're always at the top of my list. I also adore so many more, such as S. Walden, Erin Noelle, Kimberly Knight, JA Redmerski, Molly McAdams, Shey Stahl, Nicole Reed, Penelope Douglas, Rachel Van Dyken, Rebecca Donovan, SC Stephens.. okay, if I have to make a list of them all, this will go on forever ;) I love many authors & books, too many to name. Sadly, now that I write full time, I don't have time to really read anymore, but I always try to discover a new author.

Where do you get the inspiration for your books you write? Ohh, everywhere! Sometimes I'm listening to music, reading a magazine, about to fall asleep, shopping, watching a movie. Sometimes I'm even writing a story and a random thought about a new book pops into my head. I've always had a vivid imagination (imaginary friends & all), and I've always been creative. Between the two, it seems stories just flow through me out of nowhere. 

And do you have any surprise writings in the works? Nothing is really a "surprise" because I have all my future projects listed on my website (, and I tend to talk about them now again. I have one full length standalone- Scarlet Devil- I plan to release in July. Three novellas- Reality (Illusion #2), Alluring, and Temptation (both spin-offs of my Cassie series) all to hopefully be released either August or September- they'll all be released within the same month. Then I have a book series coming out after that, called the "Disturbed series" .. it'll be four books, and book one is called Disturbed Beauty. That is the book I'm most anxious to finish writing and get published! I'm only three chapters in so far! I have to finish the others first though, lol. Hopefully the first one will be released by November.