Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Never Asked You To Save Me By: Theresa Marguerite Hewett

I Never Asked You To Save Me By: Theresa Marguerite Hewett
I Never Asked You to Save Me (Wakefield Romance, #3)

BLURB: Ellie Mae Griggs-Heart is trying to escape, trying to find a place where she can finally be 'home'. She can't seem to shake her physically and emotionally abusive, soon to be ex-husband, Jake Heart. Refusing to take hand outs from her cousin Rhea Payne and her husband, former Navy SEAL Chad, Ellie has to moonlight at a job most would consider taboo to make ends meet. She lives day to day with the pain of a choice she made to try and be free of Jake.
Navy SEAL sniper and notorious play-boy, Bobby Timmons, has never been the type to be tied down by a woman, filtering through them like it was his job. Ellie is different. She strikes a different chord and makes Bobby think twice about treating her like the other women in his past. He hates that she feels trapped by her ex, but as a SEAL his life is unpredictable and he is shipped off just as he's getting to know her.
When tragedy and mistakes fill both of their lives, can they lean on each other for support? Or will their pasts destroy everything they could have had?

My View: Holy baby Jesus I love these books!!!!! 
     Miss Ellie ohh miss Ellie had been married to Jake for a while and he is a state trooper who beats her, also tells her how worthless she is.... when she finally gets up the nerve to leave him she finds her cousin Rhea,still lives in her home town of Wakefield which we learn in Coming Home. Rhea and Chad want Ellie to move in with them so that they can help protect her from Jake but she wont because she doesn't want to endanger Rhea and Charlie..... 
    Bobby is a Seal, he is on Chads old Seal team.. He has had his own troubled life growing up and is injured while on a mission and comes home to fight more demons due to his injury.. While Bobby and Ellie are getting to know each other they fall more and more in love every day.... Then one day  Ellie's past and choices she was forced to make come back to bite her in the ass.... 
    This book made me cry and laugh I absolutely love this series and am so very pleased that there is more to come!!!!

I rate this book 5 out of 5!!!!