Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two Weeks With A Seal By Theresa Marguerite Hewitt (Wakefield Romance #1)

Two Weeks With A Seal By Theresa Marguerite Hewitt (Wakefield Romance #1)

Two Weeks with a Seal (The Wakefield Romance, #1)Blurb: Her life isn't glamorous, but Rhea Griggs does her best.
In her small town of Wakefield, Virginia she lives the life she has been given, but loving your older brother's best friend is always a gamble. For Rhea, it's an unspoken truth.
Chad Payne is a sailor, a SEAL, and he loves his job, but the danger and unknowing is starting to weigh on his heart and soul. He's ready to settle down, but confessing his love for his best friend's little sister is easier said than done.
When heartbreak and loss find Rhea, Chad knows it's now or never.
Is two weeks enough for them to share the love of a lifetime? To mend two hearts into one? Can Rhea handle what comes with loving a SEAL?

Contains rowdy country fun, heart warming love and one heart wrenching farewell that will leave you speechless.

My View:  Well hell I think this is my number 1 favorite series! If you dont want to cry, laugh, and even have a few moments of what the hell..... If you love those things then this is a book you will love!!!!1

       Here you have Rhea who has just lost her mom to suicide... she lost her brother a few years earlier to the war, and her father to prison for drugs. She has known Chad her whole life, he was friends with her brother growing up and they joined the military together and served as seals together.
    Chad   comes home for two week leave, he finally tells Rhea how he has loved her, and she tells him that she loves him......*swoon*... They take a trip to the family cabin with his seal team, Rhea moves in with chad... throw in a little bit of Duke Orr who wants Rhea to him self, he does his best to come between Rhea and Chad. Chad threatens Duke to keep Rhea safe while he is away.... Then its time for Chad to ship out... Thankfully Rhea has Rosa to lean on, she is a wife of a seal on Chads team

I truly did love this story I have read this book on more then one occasion and I will read it on more occasions! I am glad there is more to the series!!!!

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!