Monday, April 21, 2014

Forever Steel By: MJ Fields

Forever Steel (Men of Steel, #4.5)Forever Steel By: MJ Fields BLURB: Cyrus, Jase, Zandor, and Xavier Steel work at their family owned tattoo shop, Forever Steel, during the day and sometimes into the night. When the shop closes these tattooed, pierced, alpha, bad boys play hard. Real hard. To celebrate Xavier’s birthday and Cyrus becoming a home owner they decide to throw a party. But first they need to come up with the house rules. No shoes, No sleepovers, No bullshit. With rules set in place it’s time to get the party started. It’s BYOB, bring your own batteries, because they ain’t providing them. Get ready you’re in for one hell of a party. Raise your glass for a toast to Forever Steel.

My View:  Hot!!! It was to fast of a read for me...HA! Its a NOVELLA!.... I Loved this little book!! I love how it was from all the boys not just one...... I cannot WAIT for more!!!! These boys are hot, foul mouth, tattoo artist... hang on for the ride because its going to be hot and wild!!!!!!

I give this good 5 out of 5!!!!!!!!!